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WB Global Partners

Who we are.

We have worked in Europe, the United Kingdom, South America, and Canada in public safety, corporate strategy, marketing, value measurement, transportation logistics, and stakeholder value measurement.

WB Global Partners helps police organisations, governments,  and businesses solve the challenges of today using the tools of tomorrow.


Our Founder

Headed by W. Bradley (Brad) Cotton, WB Global Partners is a boutique consultancy firm located just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Brad worked for almost 28 years in policing in Ontario, Canada and retired as a sergeant in 2018, leaving to pursue his Master of Business Administration at the University of Edinburgh. He will be returning to Edinburgh to continue his study in Fall 2020 having been accepted to the PhD in Management program. His focus is on police reform and police organisational strategy.


Ongoing Education

Beginning September 2020 through to August 2023, Managing Member, Brad Cotton will be attending his PhD in Management with the Univeristy of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Follow his progress here and in the blogs as he designs and conducts research to obtain his degree.

The focus of his study is on police reform, public safety administration decision making and new methods of measuring the value being provided by police services around the globe.

Brad will still be available for engagements, research and special projects. Please reach out with your requirements!


Strategic Planning

Our staff has decades of experience both the private and public sector advising organisations, setting strategy, establishing goals, enabling growth, reducing cost, increasing revenue and increasing efficiency.  We can help your organisation establish a strategy that will establish direction, drive future growth and increase total stakeholder value.


Research and Analysis

Looking for accurate value measurements, statistical analysis, or research for your project?  We are skilled in bringing insightful analysis to datasets and helping develop a clear picture of what your data is trying to tell you. We can also provide internal and external research to help guide your business decisions.  From customer, user and business wide surveys to academic investigation.


Innovation and Vision

We deliver on innovation. Our staff have won awards for innovative ideas that changed their fields lowered costs, allowed unprecedented growth and dramatically increased efficiency.

WB Global Partners bring that same passion for innovation and an unparalleled future vision to you and your business, ensuring value today and tomorrow.

Working Together

Omnidex OM30 TSV Model

Total Stakeholder Value Measurement

WB Global Partners are proud to be working with the Maturity Institute to bring clients the OM30 Total Stakeholder Value model.  The model was developed to be much more holistic and consistent in application that other models. The OM30 has global application and transcends not only international borders but even business sectors. Measuring the value of a business to all stakeholders, inside and outside allows for a clearer understanding of the direction the strategy needs to take to continue growth.

Call WB Global Partners to find out more about this unique business tool and discover how your company can benefit by using it.

Click below to learn more from the Maturity Institute.

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