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WB Global Partners

As a business, WB Global Partnership has now concluded operations.

In the coming weeks, this website will be transformed to reflect my ongoing research

focusing significantly on police reform and the concept of "trust" and its importance

in the police/public relationship.

I'd like to thank those that supported WB Global Partners over the last three years. I am still available to consult, instruct, and speak.

Stay tuned!

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Ongoing Education

Beginning September 2020 through to August 2024, Managing Member, Brad Cotton will be attending his PhD in Management with the Univeristy of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Follow his progress here and in the blogs as he designs and conducts research to obtain his degree.

The focus of his study is on police trust, police reform, public safety administration decision making and new methods of measuring the value being provided by police services around the globe.

Brad will still be available for engagements, research and special projects. Please reach out with your requirements!

Contact Me

+44 (0)7732 973630

Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom

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