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Community-Based Approaches for Mitigating Risk, the Potential for Countering Radicalization, and the Prospects of Gender Mainstreaming

Abstract. In an ever more complex policing environment, there is increasing pressure on police and community agencies to reduce and remove risks to individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Situation tables and hubs offer a method of collaborative risk mitigation that breaks down siloes, improves communication, reduces crime, and saves money. Due to the similarities in risk types, these tables may also reduce radicalization and extremism apart from traditional enforcement, which can lead to further isolation, resentment, and labelling. Additionally, opportunities are presented for gender mainstreaming and creating more fair access to services for previously disadvantaged groups.

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©W. Bradley Cotton (2021). The definitive, peer reviewed, and edited version of this article is published in NATO Science for Peace and Security Series – E: Human and Societal Dynamics, “Gender Mainstreaming in Counter-Terrorism Efforts in the Western Balkans”, Vol. 154, pages 73-86, 2021, DOI 10.3233/NHSDP210045, 

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