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Law Enforcement Academic Podcast

Let's face're busy. The daily demands of policing are incredible. Those pressures are constant however.  It can be hard to take time to sit down and read to try and further your knowledge. New academic papers filled with exceptional research are being published regularly.

The Law Enforcement Academic Podcast or LEAP, is designed for today's busy police leaders and officers who are looking for the latest information to benefit their communities and make them safer.

Each month we will feature an academic subject matter expert and dive deep into an academic paper, with the goal of breaking it down into key deliverables. The goal is to have some fun while learning and improving community safety!


A monthly podcast designed to help you!

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Technology and Policing

The future of humans in traffic enforcement.

Our first guest will be global cyber security expert, MBA and second year law student, Ritesh Kotak. We will be discussing how traffic enforcement, from ensuring speed limits are followed to accident reporting and how these "routine" tasks could be easily improved, removing bias and increasing road safety.

Look for it soon!

Getting Coffee

Coming Soon! The Professionalisation of Policing.

An academic discussion on the creation of national colleges of policing.

A discussion on why we need to professionalise police through the creation of national colleges of policing.

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